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Upskill With Online Marketing Events and Courses

The only place you need to:

Enhance your digital skills

Elevate your professional career

Stay ready for the future

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Companies that speak at our virtual events:

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We provide essential marketing courses for the rapidly evolving marketing landscape

Remain relevant in the marketing industry. Excel in your career and achieve your professional goals by gaining latest insights and marketing strategies today.

Sirius Marketing Event 2024 Speakers

Buy Any Course and Receive FREE Sirius Marketing Event 2024 Ticket (Worth €199.00)

Virtually network and learn with 70+ industry experts from companies such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Atlassian, Meta, Prudential, Autodesk, Caterpillar, Statista, etc.

**This is a limited time offer.

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Register Now: AInsights360: Marketing Week

Our virtual event with 120+ speakers and 45 topics offers you the latest AI knowledge and practical strategies to elevate your marketing skills and advance your career.

AInsights360 Speakers

Read the Latest News and Updates

Check our blog and get the latest news from our company, event updates, and marketing strategies that drives your career growth.

Space Industry and Marketing: Step-by-Step Guide for Content Creation, SEO, and AI

Artificial Intelligence

Practical Tips for Universities: Overcoming Budget Constraints, ROI Challenges, and Digital Gaps

Social Media

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Digital Marketing

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SME 2024 - Upgrade Your Marketing Skills

By attending SME 2024, you'll access the latest information on:

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Advanced marketing strategies using AI

Latest tactics for voice search optimization

Effective strategies for getting found online

Transforming social media into a sales channel

Sirius Marketing Event 2024 Speakers
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What people say about Sirius Media Company?

"Team at Sirius have been great to work with!"

Their professionalism is what made me want to speak at the upcoming SME and build an ongoing strong partnership.

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