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The Online Entrepreneur Masterclass - Passive income in 2024

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This class is about mastering the basics of entrepreneurship, project management, soft and hard skills needed to succeed, and learning about the main ways to generate side income. Students will also learn time management, self care, finance 101 and other useful skills. The complete course layout is the following: Part 1: The mindset Accepting to suffer, Who are you?, The secret of rich people, It's okay to feel lost, Don't be a spectator in your life, Why people fail in business and life, Picking a mentor, Studying the others, Figuring out if this life is for you, Studying and learning, Shiny Object Syndrome, Impostor syndrome, My biggest mistake, My life rules, Choosing the right tools, Is your hobby worth it?, The nomad/minimalist lifestyle. Part 2: Soft Skills Being likable and having a positive attitude, Public speaking, Presenting, Writing, Self-care, Active listening, Leadership, How to speak corporate language, Business ethics, Branding, Finance 101, Customer Service, Brainstorming and mind mapping, Project management, LinkedIn 101, Finding and keeping clients, Cleaning your PC, Setting goals and productivity, Time management, Your sales pitch, Using NPL, Funding your business idea, Making a business plan, Validating your idea. Part 3: Making money Freelancing 101, SEO, Copywriting, Setting up your website, Domain name flipping, Dropshipping, Setting email campaigns, Email courses and newsletters, Graphic Design 101, Amazon 101, YouTube 101, Creating online courses, Webinar 101, Podcasting, Print on demand, conclusion. Who is this course for: ▪ People interested to learn more about the entrepreneur lifestyle to see if it fits them. ▪ People interested to learn about finances, soft skills, and hard skills to succeed in life, without wanting to make money online. ▪ People interested to learn the secrets of entrepreneurs without wanting to become one. ▪ Entrepreneurs that struggled in the past and need a fresh start and new knowledge.


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