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FREE - Sirius Marketing Event 2024 Standard Ticket

Join us virtually June 18-20 and start on a transformative marketing journey with the FREE Sirius Marketing Event 2024 Standard Ticket – your gateway to inspiration, knowledge, and unparalleled networking opportunities.


This event is tailored for individuals who are hungry for latest marketing insights, strategies and practical tips, no fluff...So this ticket ensures you don't miss out on the pulse of the industry. Get your FREE Standard Ticket now, mark it on your calendar and unlock a world of possibilities for your marketing career.


Don't just stay informed; be at the forefront of industry trends and propel your knowledge and growth at the SME 2024!

FREE - Sirius Marketing Event 2024 Standard Ticket

  • ▪ Exclusive LIVE Virtual 3-Day Access.

    ▪ LIVE Access to 27 Keynote & Panel Sessions.

    ▪ Access LIVE Q&A Sessions.

    ▪ Watch on Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer.

  • 70+ speakers from companies like; LinkedIn, Meta, Prudential, Atlassian, ServiceNow, Statista, Dhruva Space, Relesys, Cisco, Condé Nast, Pinterest, CreativeOne, Impressive USA, DemandJump, Techfynder, PodPitch, Reflex Aerospace, IQuanti and many more.

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