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AInsights360: Marketing Week - Premium Ticket

Artificial Intelligence is emerging as the catalyst for revolutionizing marketing practices across industries. AInsights360: Marketing Week is your gateway to unlock the latest information and practical strategies to drive growth, engagement, and ROI for your brand.


AInsights360: Marketing Week is a 5-day virtual event featuring 120+ speakers, offering talks and strategies to help you create a bigger, stronger brand presence using AI.


Whether you're a seasoned marketing professional or a curious beginner, this event offers latest insights and practical strategies to elevate your marketing efforts and drive brand growth.

AInsights360: Marketing Week - Premium Ticket

€99.00 Regular Price
€49.00Sale Price

Early Bird Offer

  • ▪ Exclusive LIVE Virtual 5-Day Access.

    ▪ LIVE Access to 45 Keynote & Panel Sessions.

    ▪ FREE Access to 50+ AI Marketing Resources.

    ▪ Access LIVE Q&A Sessions.

    ▪ Private Networking Access (125 AI Expert Speakers).

    ▪ Watch on Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer.

    ▪ Certificate of Participation.

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