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Unlocking Growth: The Power Duo of Paid and Organic Search According to Wayne Cichanski

The highlight of day one will be coming from Wayne Cichanski, a globally recognized executive with over 28 years of experience in search strategy and digital performance marketing. Wayne, the Vice President of search and site experience for IQuanti, delved deep into the synergy of paid and organic search in his presentation titled "The Power Duo: The Synergy of Paid and Organic Search."

Wayne Cichanski: A Journey of 28 Years in Digital Excellence

Wayne stands at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape, boasting an illustrious career that spans over 28 years. As the Vice President of search and site experience for IQuanti, a prominent performance marketing agency based in New York and New Jersey, Wayne has consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise in driving digital acquisition growth and optimizing overall user journeys for enhanced conversions and revenue.

Wayne stands as a globally recognized executive & authority in search strategy & digital performance marketing, boasting an illustrious career spanning over 28 years. In his professional realm, Wayne is the Vice President of search and site experience for IQuanti (a large NY/NJ based performance marketing agency) where he blends and weaves the intersection of driving digital acquisition growth with overall user journey and site experience in order to optimize conversions and drive revenue.

The Power Duo: The Synergy of Paid and Organic Search

On the 18th of June, from 14:20 to 14:50 EST/New York time, Wayne Cichanski will take center stage to unravel the secrets behind "The Power Duo: The Synergy of Paid and Organic Search." In this keynote session, he will delve deep into the intricate interplay between paid and organic search strategies, unlocking the true potential that lies within their synergy.

Why You Can't Afford to Miss Wayne's Insights

Unprecedented Expertise:

Wayne's wealth of experience is unparalleled. With nearly three decades in the industry, he has witnessed the evolution of digital marketing and shaped its trajectory. Missing out on his insights means overlooking a treasure trove of knowledge that could transform your approach to search strategy.

Actionable Strategies:

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, staying ahead is crucial. Wayne is known for providing actionable strategies that transcend theoretical concepts. Attendees can expect to gain practical insights that can be immediately applied to enhance their marketing efforts.

Exclusive Industry Trends:

As a thought leader, Wayne is not just aware of industry trends – he sets them. By attending his session, you'll be among the first to grasp the latest trends shaping the digital marketing arena, giving you a competitive edge in your professional endeavors.

Sirius Marketing Event 2024

The Sirius Marketing Event 2024 is a golden opportunity to elevate your marketing game. Don't miss out on Wayne Cichanski's keynote session – a chance to unlock the synergy between paid and organic search strategies.

Seize the chance to be at the forefront of digital marketing innovation. Wayne Cichanski's insights could be the missing link to supercharging your marketing efforts and achieving unprecedented success.

See you at the SME 2024!



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