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Beyond Clicks: Simon Toms' Proven Strategies for Effective Social Media Analytics

Get ready to mark your calendars because Simon Toms, the genius behind the growth of advertisers, is set to grace the Sirius Marketing Event 2024 with his unparalleled insights. On day two, June 19th, at 10:30 AM sharp (EST/New York time), Simon will be diving deep into the world of social media ROI in a panel discussion titled "Evaluating Social Media ROI: Analytics and In-Depth Insights."

Who is Simon Toms?

Simon isn't just another speaker; he's the person behind Meta's marketing science for the last 5 years. As a Marketing Science Partner, Simon has been the go-to person for advertisers seeking to unravel the mysteries of measurement. Before his stint at Meta, Simon spent almost a decade perfecting the art of MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling).

Beyond Clicks: Simon Toms' Proven Strategies for Effective Social Media Analytics

What's on the Agenda?

During his panel session, Simon will be spilling the beans on how he uses measurement to help advertisers not just survive but thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of social media. His expertise lies in crafting measurement frameworks and identifying the biggest opportunities that advertisers often miss out on.

Why Should You Tune In?

  • Real-World Application: Simon doesn't just throw around theoretical jargon. He brings real-world applications to the table, ensuring you leave armed with actionable insights.

  • Meta Magic: With five years at Meta under his belt, Simon has navigated the intricate world of social media, discovering what works and what doesn't. Get ready for a masterclass in leveraging the power of Meta.

  • Panel Power: The panel discussion format means you're not just hearing from Simon but also getting a variety of perspectives from other industry experts. It's like a buffet of marketing wisdom!

Sirius Marketing Event 2024

We get it; the marketing world is bustling with events.

But missing out on Simon's session is like passing up a backstage pass to marketing success. Imagine being in the loop on the latest measurement strategies and understanding the untapped potential in social media ROI.

Take Action Now!

Don't be on the sidelines – be in the room where it happens!

Set a reminder, clear your schedule, and join Simon Toms on June 19th at 10:30 AM (EST/New York time). The fear of missing out is real, but so is the opportunity to skyrocket your marketing game.

See you at the SME 2024!



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