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Unleash Your Potential on LinkedIn with Tips from Tech Guru Burton Kelso

Prepare for a tech-infused journey at SME 2024 as Burton Kelso takes the stage! As the Owner and Chief Tech Expert at Integral, he leads on-site and remote computer repair, IT Support, and Managed Services, alleviating frustrations for consumers and businesses alike.

Meet Burton Kelso: The Tech Maverick Redefining Possibilities

Burton Kelso isn't your average tech expert – he's a maverick on a mission. As the Owner and Chief Tech Expert at Integral, a powerhouse in on-site and remote computer repair, IT support, and managed services, Burton has become a trailblazer in simplifying the complexities of technology for both consumers and businesses.

Burton is the owner and Chief Tech Expert at Integral, an on-site and remote computer repair, IT Support, and Managed Services company for consumers and businesses as well as a TEDx + Keynote speaker and  media tech expert regularly appearing on TV and radio shows across the globe. His vision is to remove the frustrations and complexity of computers and technology and open people up to a world of new ideas, experience, and opportunities. He loves  technology, reads all of the manuals, and he’s serious about making technology fun safe, and easy to use for everyone.

Beyond the Tech World: A Global Influencer

But Burton isn't confined to the tech sphere. He's a TEDx and Keynote speaker, a media tech expert who graces TV and radio shows across the globe. His vision extends beyond fixing computers; it's about removing the frustrations and complexities associated with technology, opening doors to new ideas, experiences, and opportunities.

Session Details:

Professional Networking and Branding with LinkedIn - Panel Discussion

On Day Two of the Sirius Marketing Event 2024, Burton Kelso will take center stage to unravel the secrets of mastering professional networking and branding using the powerhouse platform, LinkedIn. As marketing enthusiasts, this is the session that will equip you with the tools to navigate the digital landscape and elevate your marketing strategies.

In the fast-paced world of marketing, staying ahead is not a luxury; it's a necessity. Here's what you're going to learn during Burton Kelso's session:

Strategic Marketing Insights

Burton Kelso's session isn't just about LinkedIn; it's about unlocking strategic marketing insights that can transform the way you approach professional networking and branding. In an era where marketing is as much about personal connections as it is about campaigns, Burton's insights are a game-changer.

Global Recognition, Local Impact

As a global influencer, Burton Kelso brings a unique perspective that transcends geographical boundaries. Learn how to implement global strategies for local impact, gaining insights that resonate with diverse audiences.

Actionable Techniques for Marketing Success

Burton doesn't just talk theory; he provides actionable techniques that you can implement immediately. From optimizing your LinkedIn profile to crafting content that engages your audience, every tip is a step towards marketing success.

Technology and Marketing Synergy

Burton's love for technology is matched only by his passion for making it accessible to everyone. Discover how the synergy between technology and marketing can be a powerful force, creating campaigns that are not just effective but enjoyable for your audience.

Sirius Marketing Event 2024

As we anticipate the Sirius Marketing Event 2024, Burton Kelso's session promises to be the highlight for marketers seeking to elevate their strategies.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

The future of your marketing success begins here.



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