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Mastering the Art of Strategic Storytelling: A Deep Dive with Beth Kapes

Among the incredible lineup of SME 2024 speakers, Beth Kapes, the President, and Founder of Moving Words Into Action, LLC, will take center stage on day three: 20th June, from 10:00 to 10:30 EST/New York time. In her keynote session, Beth will unravel the transformative potential of content strategy in her talk, "How Content Strategy Lifts Your Brand Voice: From Humans to AI, Strategy is Your Key to Real-Life, Long-Term Results."

Beth Kapes: A Visionary in Content Strategy

Beth is not just a speaker; she is a trailblazer with over two decades of experience in crafting stories that make a difference. As the driving force behind Moving Words Into Action, LLC, Beth has empowered national corporate and not-for-profit businesses with her unparalleled expertise in content marketing, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Beth is the president and founder of Moving Words Into Action, LLC. Focused on telling the story that makes a difference for over 20 years, Beth has empowered national corporate and not-for-profit businesses with content marketing throughout the U.S. and abroad. A firm believer in “strategy first,” Beth creates differentiating brand foundations for the ultimate audience engagement.

Strategy First: The Beth Kapes Approach

At the heart of Beth's philosophy is the belief in "strategy first." In her illustrious career, she has consistently demonstrated the power of creating differentiating brand foundations for the ultimate audience engagement. Her strategic insights have not only shaped the narratives of global brands like Cleveland Clinic and Parker Hannifin but have also left an indelible mark on significant events such as the 2016 Republican National Committee’s Host Committee, where she served as the Managing Editor.

Keynote Session Overview

Beth Kapes' keynote session promises to be a transformative journey into the world of content strategy. She will delve into the intricate dynamics of crafting content that speaks to both humans and artificial intelligence. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, understanding how to communicate effectively with AI is not just an advantage but a necessity. Beth's session will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to lift your brand's voice to new heights, ensuring real-life, long-term results.

Beth Kapes on the Global Stage

Beth is not just a speaker; she is a proven leader in the industry. Her prowess extends beyond borders, having developed and delivered content strategies and marketing campaigns for renowned global brands. From the healthcare sector with Cleveland Clinic to the engineering giant Parker Hannifin, Beth has seamlessly navigated diverse industries, leaving an indelible mark on each.

National B2B Influence

Beth Kapes' influence also extends to the national B2B landscape, where she has spearheaded content marketing campaigns for industry leaders, including SpyGlass, a trailblazer in the technology expense management sector. Her strategic approach has proven to be the driving force behind the success of national B2B brands, setting her apart as a thought leader in the field.

Don't Miss Out

As the Sirius Marketing Event 2024 unfolds, missing Beth Kapes' keynote session would mean missing out on a golden opportunity to transform your marketing game. In an era where content is king, Beth stands as the queen of strategic storytelling. Her insights have the potential to redefine your brand's narrative and catapult it into new realms of success.

Sirius Marketing Event 2024

Join us on the Sirius Marketing Event 2024 and immerse yourself in the wisdom of industry experts just like Beth Kapes. Reserve your spot now and witness the power of content strategy unfold before your eyes.

The future of marketing is here.



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