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A. Lee Judge: Artificial Intelligence, Online Sales, Podcasts and the Future of Video Content #4

Delve into the integration of AI into online sales strategies, examining its impact on podcasting and forecasting its role in shaping the future landscape of video content creation and consumption.

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A. Lee Judge is an executive-level marketer with hands-on technical acumen to help businesses gain marketing and sales alignment through creativity and data. His 25+ years of experience working between Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience have allowed him to understand how to be “tri-lingual” and speak to the unique needs and demands of each of those business disciplines. Following his passion for creating engaging content, Lee is the founder of Content Monsta, a content marketing agency. The company focuses on creating multimedia business content such as Videos, Podcasts, and Virtual Events – then helping marketers to squeeze the highest possible ROI out of those assets.

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