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Think Sharper With The Logical Thinking Process

Think Sharper With The Logical Thinking Process

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Bias and incomplete analysis are the two key problems in decision-making and problem-solving. Most of the frameworks used by organizations fail to address those shortcomings. To address them, logical rigor and meticulous verification of statements are needed. This requires effective collaboration and visual representation tools and a clear and strict process. This course explains how to use visual diagrams and a structured process to make better decisions and come to more robust conclusions. The course is based on the powerful Logical Thinking Process methodology for complex problem solving and strategy formulation. The Logical Thinking Process is comprised of five steps, starting with defining a goal, moving on to logical root cause analysis, through conflict resolution, finishing with a robust execution analysis. It is applicable both in complex corporate environments as well as in personal life. The Logical Thinking Process is grounded in the pioneering work of Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of the bestselling business novel The Goal. The process is explained by using a simple everyday example that covers all the five steps of the process , from defining a sound goal to outlining an execution plan. The course covers the basic principles of the process and the strengths that set it apart from conventional methodologies. The course includes a business case study that explains the importance of meticulous analysis before a decision is made and how the Logical Thinking Process is used to analyze problems to identify the root causes behind them. The Logical Thinking Process has been used by businesses for over 30 years to analyze and find solutions to difficult problems.


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