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Online Copywriting in Practice

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Online Copywriting in Practice. Do you want to spend less time on writing catchy online copy and at the same time have better results? This course presents you with the opportunity to learn the basics of copywriting for online channels. It will help you with ideas and techniques, which will permit you to have better results faster. Do you wish to know how to approach the creation of copy for different online channels? The content of the course is divided in sections per channel or websites, social media and email campaigns. At the end of it you will know how to create user-friendly website content, which is also optimized for search engines. Also, you will be able to write engaging social media copy, as well as texts for personalized email campaigns. Do you want to learn about copywriting through practice? As per its name, the course includes examples and ideas in the lectures. Also, you will be able to enjoy additional exercises, as well as a final quiz. Do you need previous experience or knowledge in the field? Who is this course for: ▪ Are you interested in copywriting for online, but you still have no experience in the field? ▪ Or you have experience in digital marketing and want to focus on copywriting? ▪ Perhaps you have started to work as a copywriter, but you wish to expand your knowledge? If any of these relates to you, then this is the right course for you! You will learn how to create copy for websites, social media and emails. You will also have access to different quizzes, exercises and more, so that you also learn through practice.


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