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How to Land Podcast Interviews

How to Land Podcast Interviews

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Want to know the secret to visibility? It’s literally about being SEEN and HEARD. I know it sounds crazy simple… but it’s amazing how many entrepreneurs and coaches are hiding, sharing their expertise and message with a teeny tiny audience, and basically hiding out in their small corner. You KNOW you are meant for SO MUCH MORE, that the world needs your expertise, your offer and your big huge message. And one of the best ways to get there is through podcast interviews. In this masterclass, we are covering everything from how to: ▪ Nail your messaging and story - that makes it so easy for podcasts hosts to say YES and book you! ▪ Write a killer pitch that stands out. ▪ Easily pitch yourself to podcasts, and land those juicy interviews. ▪ Be so comfortable and relaxed in BEING SEEN (hint: women in particular have so many fears of standing out and being seen. We will address this, at mental, energetic and somatic levels). ▪ Get your story and bio in tip-top shape to attract media outlets and podcast hosts. ▪ Navigate the post-interview phase and charge premium prices.


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