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Google Earth Studio Tutorial for Beginners: A Crash Course

Google Earth Studio Tutorial for Beginners: A Crash Course

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This course offers: ▪ 1.5 hours of on-demand video content ▪ Accessibility on TV's and mobile devices ▪ Unlimited lifetime access ▪ Certificate upon completion Have you ever dreamed of creating stunning, fly-through animations that explore the beauty and wonder of our planet? Look no further than Google Earth Studio! This course will be your passport to a world of creative storytelling possibilities. What you'll learn: ▪ The power of Google Earth Studio: Discover the advantages of using Google Earth Studio for creating travel videos, documentaries, educational content, and more! ▪ Getting started: Set up your account, navigate the interface, and learn intuitive mouse controls to explore the vast digital world. ▪ Location, location, location: Find any place on Earth with ease, from iconic landmarks to hidden gems. ▪ Animate with ease: Master the basics of keyframes to create smooth fly-through animations. Experience the thrill of virtually soaring over the Golden Gate Bridge! ▪ Save and manage your projects: Organize your work efficiently and learn to save and manage your project files like a pro. ▪ Export your masterpiece: Render and export your videos in high quality, ready to share with the world. ▪ Time travel made easy: Adjust the time of day within your video for a realistic touch. ▪ Level up your animations: Explore easing keyframe techniques for smooth and professional-looking transitions. ▪ Multiple perspectives: Harness the power of camera targeting and multiview features for dynamic storytelling. ▪ Handy extras: Discover useful tools like taking screenshots, customizing map styles, showing guides for improved precision, and adjusting preview quality for faster workflows. ▪ Keyboard shortcuts for speed demons: Master keyboard shortcuts for a more efficient and streamlined creative process. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped to create captivating aerial videos and animations that will take your audience on unforgettable journeys!


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