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Essential Prompt Engineering

Essential Prompt Engineering

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Generative AI and ChatGPT are rapidly transforming the business landscape. This course empowers you to stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your skills. Despite most of the examples are from marketing, the prompt engineering techniques are universal and would work in any field. In this quick but intensive tutorial on ChatGPT prompt engineering, you will learn about the fundamental techniques of prompt engineering and how to apply them in a marketing context. ▪ Ground Zero: Understand ChatGPT's core, its role in today's tech ecosystem. ▪ Prompt Engineering: From basics to beyond, master the craft that amplifies ChatGPT's prowess for marketing. ▪ More Tactics: Explore Shot Prompting, Chain of Thought, and more to sharpen response precision. ▪ Feedback Loops: Use feedback to refine ChatGPT's output, aligning closer to stakeholder vision. ▪ Context & Data: Strategies to arm ChatGPT with rich context and data, ensuring relevance. ▪ Prompt Refinement: Craft prompts that cut through the noise, yielding clear, actionable insights. ▪ Customize ChatGPT: Personalize ChatGPT's responses, from broad applications to niche tasks. Apart from that, you'll get a few bonus lectures and a shortlist of tried and true Generative AI tools. Although it's only a part of my bigger course on using ChatGPT for marketing, this course is designed to bring you maximum value in the least time possible.


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