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ChatGPT for Data Science and Machine Learning [2024 Updated]

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ChatGPT for Data Science and Machine Learning [2024 Updated]. ChatGPT is an AI-powered conversational agent based on the GPT-3.5 architecture developed by OpenAI. As a language model, ChatGPT is capable of understanding and generating human-like responses to a wide variety of topics, making it a versatile tool for chatbot development, customer service, and content creation. Furthermore, ChatGPT is designed to be highly scalable and customizable, allowing developers to fine-tune its responses and integrate it into various applications and platforms. This flexibility makes ChatGPT a valuable asset for businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement and streamline their operations. By leveraging ChatGPT's advanced natural language processing capabilities, data scientists can improve their workflows and achieve better results in their projects. Who is this course for: ▪ Anybody with an interest in Data Science and Machine Learning. ▪ Anybody who wants to learn to develop Data Science and Machine Learning Projects in a quick and efficient manner by leveraging the power of ChatGPT. ▪ Python developers who are curious about Data Science, Machine Learning and ChatGPT.


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