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AI for Marketers

AI for Marketers

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AI for Marketers. Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, and is changing the world and the workplace. AI can complete some tasks much more quickly and efficiently than humans. Want to know more about AI but not sure where to start? Know you need to research the different AI tools out there but can't find the time? This introductory course has curated the most relevant AI programs that will benefit marketers. AI can generate photos, videos and text but arguably it loses the human touch - what do you think? The course provides an overview of AI tools (not all of them, there's too many) that are the most relevant to people who work in marketing or anyone who has an interest in marketing and/or AI. Are you worried that AI will take over your job? It can be a divisive topic. The ethical implications of using AI are considered in the course and students will gain a good understanding of AI and how it can be used, as well as some future predictions. The course comprises short lectures and quick quizzes with a further reading and resources sheet that can be downloaded. There are some exciting tools out there that can make your job easier - take part in the course and see for yourself! Who is this course for: ▪ This course is for marketers or anyone interested in marketing. ▪ This course is for anyone with an interest in artificial intelligence and how it's changing marketing.


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