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Marty Englander

Brainy Automations

Marty is a proud founder of Brainy Automations, an exclusive membership resource showcasing automation methods for smoother business operations. From working with small and medium-sized businesses creating websites and setting up systems, to teaching millions of people online how to "do things" in the digital space, he has developed an insatiable hunger to automate his own work tasks.

Marty Englander

Learn the Latest in Artificial Intelligence and Marketing

Whether you're a seasoned marketing professional or a curious beginner, this event offers latest insights and practical strategies.

Attend AInsights360: Marketing Week live or on-demand and access:

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120+ AI Expert Speakers

45 Speaking Topics

50+ AI Marketing Resources

29 Hours of Video Content

A man is learning about artificial intelligence at the online event
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Buy Any Course and Receive FREE AInsights360 Marketing Week Standard Ticket (Worth €49.00)

Virtually learn from 120+ AI experts from companies such as Yalantis, Essetino Media, ZenGen, Prescriptive Writing,, SoftServe, Bravent,, etc.

**This is a limited time offer.

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